If anyone thought that last week was a great week for country music on reality show The Voice—when Blake Shelton and a full five out of 10 finalists performed country songs for the audience on Dec. 3—this week topped even that pinnacle moment by ultimately serving up three-quarters of the finalists in the country genre...plus more!

Those who know the show, know how it goes. There's a drastic cut from eight to the final four. After a variety of powerful performances (both solo and duet) from the eight on Monday (Dec. 10), fans were left wondering who would make the cut the following day.

Automatically advancing to the top three Tuesday via America’s vote were Team Kelly Clarkson’s Chevel Shepherd, as well as Team Shelton’s Kirk Jay and Chris Kroeze. But, that's not all! Team Jennifer Hudson's Kennedy Holmes, who had to sing for an Instant Save against contestants MaKenzie Thomas and Reagan Strange, managed to prevail and take the final slot...by doing a country song.

Holmes, who hasn't made any impression with the genre this season, threw herself admirably into the classic "How Do I Live," a song that is arguably genre-flexible but was made famous by country lasses LeAnn Rimes and Trisha Yearwood.

It was enough for the teen to win America's heart, as she scored a good majority of America's votes and ultimately advanced to the finals. Holmes will be diversifying the finalist lineup, which is already weighted toward the Shelton (read: country) side of things. She's showing she can handle country just fine in the midst of an all-country competitor slate. Could she have a chance at the title? Keep checking in to find out as we follow all the details!

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