Friday evening Steve was driving the Mustang from Indianapolis to northern Chicago. About an hour from Chicago he left the interstate and took state highways to bypass the Chicago traffic. It was raining as he was heading north on unfamiliar highways. There was a dip in the state highway and all an once he noticed the road was flooded. Steve said he did not have time to brake before he hit the water.

Fortunately the length of the flooded road was only about 20 feet. Steve was able to get the car back under control after almost hitting the ditch. A few miles down the road an Indiana State Trooper pulled him over. Steve had no idea was he was being pulled over as he was not speeding. Hitting the water at 55 to 60 mph tore the trim and cover off the back bumper of the Mustang!

The Indiana State Trooper was very helpful, he called a tow truck and waited until he arrived. The Tow Truck driver took the bumper cover off (it was still fastened on one side) and told Steve he would take it back to the shop. He also took the license plate off and put it in the back window. The State Trooper said it was legal to drive the Mustang without the back bumper cover as long as the license plate was in the back window.

Steve was lucky he was not injured. It could have been a lot worse. The Mustang can be fixed, that's why you have insurance! Drive careful and enjoy the 4th of July with family and friends!

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