The website areavibes recently surveyed more than 1,000 Americans to name certain stereotypes about every state. For example, the biggest Iowa stereotype is Corn, while Texas and Wyoming are known for Cowboys. It might not surprise you that the #1 overall stereotype for Minnesota is's cold. SHOCKER!

But how about when it comes to our food? If you were to ask me what Minnesota's most stereotypical food is, I'd probably guess hot dish. Maybe lefse or the Jucy Lucy? Not even close!

Because according to this survey of Americans, the most stereotypical food in Minnesota is...


And yes, that's also what Wisconsin obviously got, too. Is anyone else a little surprised?

Now...I'm not exactly disagreeing with these results, because I eat a lot of cheese. It might even be a problem at this point. But I've never really considered cheese as a Minnesota thing - have you?

Source: areavibes

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