It's straight-up ridiculous how many TV shows are available to watch right now. It seems like every week, I have a friend telling me that I 'have to watch _____.' I'm like 17 shows. It's overwhelming. I practically have to breath through a paper bag whenever I'm browsing my Netflix account.

But while there are seemingly thousands of shows to watch, only one show was deemed the most popular in Minnesota.

The website was able to put some data together to figure out which Netflix show is the most popular in each state. Can you guess ours?

Stranger Things?

House of Cards?

Daredevil, maybe?


It's Making A Murderer. Which, if you aren't aware, is a true crime documentary series about how both Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey may have been wrongfully convicted of murder by a corrupt police department (along with disgraced former prosecutor and all-around terrible human being Ken Kratz) in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. It's a great-yet-frustrating show to watch. You can probably guess my overall take on it. Seriously, Ken Kratz sucks.

By the way, Making A Murderer is also the most popular show in Wisconsin. Awkward.


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