Uff da, these are SO good!

Congrats to the Class of 2017!  All your hard work has paid off… Now it’s either time to get a job, or go back to school and get a college degree!

I only graduated with 44 kids in my class, so I didn’t have that many grad-parties to attend. But every stop I did make would introduce me to a smorgasbord of foods and drink.

While I’ve attended many parties since for both friends and family, one thing hasn’t changed: All the common foods that are constantly served there.

  • Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images
    Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

    Grilled Hot Dogs, Brats and Hamburgers

    Let’s see: What’s something you can buy in bulk, while also showing off your skills at the grill at the same time?  ‘Dogs, brats n’ burgers are a staple at any grad-party in late May/early June because we Minnesotans LOVE to be outside and fire up that grill!  Plus, it barely takes ANY effort what-so-ever to prepare that much food for a barrage of guests invading your home.

    Speaking of little effort…

  • Ian Willms
    Ian Willms

    Take-Out Pizza

    You can always tell which parties don’t really feel like putting a ton of effort into spoiling their guests when they’re just ordering their pizzas in bulk.  Just make sure to keep your snarky comments to yourself when you find out it’s that cheap gas station pizza with the soggy crust.  Not everyone can afford the good stuff, ya know!

  • 3

    Sloppy Joe’s / BBQ Sandwiches

    This dish is usually made because someone has a hookup from a dairy farmer somewhere who had some extra cow to sell them for the ground beef.  A couple crock-pots, a few dozen packages of buns and you’re on your way.

    My mom likes to toss a can of chicken gumbo soup in her BBQ sandwiches… YUM!  Just don’t forget the potato chips as your side!

  • Thinkstock

    Taco Bar / Walking Tacos

    Walking Tacos didn’t become popular until after I graduated from high school, but now I’m starting to see them all the time.  Seriously though, tacos in general are the best!  Besides, there’s nothing better than getting your food to go when you know the next stop isn’t serving anything close to this good.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images


    Ham, turkey, pork?  Who cares!  Those mini-club sandwiches are the best, no matter what kind of meat’s stuffed in them… and it you’re the lucky grad putting on the party, you’ve got leftovers for days – Jackpot!

  • Credit: Ian Godfrey
    Credit: Ian Godfrey

    Wild Card: “Funeral Spread”

    OK, has anyone ever seen these before?  They were at a grad party that a friend of mine was at this past weekend… and apparently people were going nuts over them.  Basically all they’re made with is Cheez Whiz spread on top of bread with a couple green olives.  I guess it’s even better on cinnamon roll bread?  Huh??  We’ve asked around and this stuff is a staple at Lutheran events in churches – both at lunches and funerals.

    Have you ever had these before?  I hear they’re good, but I’m not so sure?

  • Cindy Ord
    Cindy Ord

    Cake / Brownies / Cookies or Ice Cream

    What’s a party with out desserts?  Sometimes I’ll go just for the cake alone!  It’s always what the lucky grad prefers for sweets, but you can always count on a giant display of sweets when you show up.

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