This is a picture I took about 11:30 Friday night from my combine cab. The last few rows of corn representing the end of Harvest 2018! The 2018 growing season was filled with many more weather challenges than normal. I was not alone. I think most farmers will be happy to see 2018 over! Most farmers have at least a portion of their 2018 corn and beans crops not priced in storage. Now we are hoping for a rally and higher prices.

There is still a lot to get done this fall though. Machinery needs to be cleaned up and put in the shed, the corn dryer needs to be cleaned out, corn stalks need to be chopped and disk-ripped, plus lots of fertilizer and nitrogen hopefully will be applied yet this fall. Looking at the forecast of light rain, snow and cold it will still likely be a challenge to getting everything done this fall. The whole year has been a struggle so why would it be any different now?

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