The Summer of 2017 is flying by us, and there are a ton of great things to do here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. But THIS was recently named the Best Free Thing To Do in Minnesota. So what is it?

Lake Superior along Minnesota's North Shore (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)
Lake Superior along Minnesota's North Shore (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

Well, according to Country Living, it’s a trip up to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. The site looked at various free places to go and events in which to take part for all 50 states. And, according to them, a trip to Minnehaha Falls, located less than an hour from Faribault in Minneapolis, is the best free thing you can do this summer in Minnesota.

The site said, “Few cities can claim that they have a waterfall within city limits. Luckily for Minneapolis, it has Minnehaha Falls Regional Park, complete with a 53-foot waterfall.”

So, yeah, that’s it. Now, I haven't been to Minnehaha Falls, so I guess I’m not all that qualified to offer an opinion on how cool it is. And, I’m certainly not knocking Minnehaha Falls, but instead of this waterfall, it seems to me that a trip up Highway 61 along the North Shore might give you a better view of cool waterfalls to check out.

Gooseberry Falls State Park alone has a pretty spectacular waterfall, not to mention the many falls at Tettegouche State Park, too. (Although, they ARE state parks – so you do have to pay a fee to get in. It’s usually not too expensive, but I guess that rules them both out of a Best Free Thing To Do survey, doesn’t it?)

So, maybe Minnehaha Falls IS The Best Free Thing To Do In Minnesota. Here’s a video that highlights what it’s all about…

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