Smoking. I have a lot of friends that smoke; many of them wish they could kick the habit; many of them don't. If I smoked, I'm not sure that I would be able to quit, even if I wanted to. The addiction is real; and it's costing us not only our health, but more money than you might think.

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The average Minnesota smoker spends approximately $2,848,128 over a lifetime.  Wallethub ranked the states from the least cost to the MOST cost per state, and Minnesota was 6th on the list.  It is true; we pay a lot more for cigarettes than a lot of other states. How do you feel about that?


To encourage people to kick the habit, not just for themselves, but for all the people exposed to second hand smoke; Wallethub calculated the expenses that are directly related to smoking.

  • Out of pocket cost per smoker in Minnesota: $164,863
  • Healthcare cost per Minnesota smoker: $187,110
  • Income loss per smoker in Minnesota: $644,484
  • Total cost per year per smoker in Minnesota: $59,336

Lets look at the yearly breakdown. Looking at the overall lifetime big picture is a little more difficult for me. Yearly this is what things look like for Minnesotans:

  • Overall cost per Smoker in Minnesota: $59,336
  • Out of pocket cost per Minnesota smoker per year: $3,435
  • Financial opportunity cost per Minnesota smoker: $38,292
  • Healthcare cost per Minnesota smoker: $3,898
  • Income loss per Minnesota smoker: $13,427
  • Other costs per Minnesota smoker: $284

For more details and figures on smoking compared to other states, you can click HERE now.


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