Looking toward spring there is always a sense of anticipation if you are a farmer. It is exciting to think about getting out in the field again planting another crop. You think maybe the weather will cooperate and this might be your best crop ever! The past two years many farmers in our area have had very good corn and soybean crops. For many it was a record yield two years in a row. What are the odds of having a near-record crop three years in a row?

About a week ago I was out to the farm and noticed the tile lines were flowing. That tells me we are at maximum water holding capacity in the five-foot soil profile. However, the United States Drought Monitor makes me a little nervous. Notice the abnormally dry or moderate drought covers all of Missouri, some of southern Iowa and about half of Indiana, and Illinois.

I check the United States Drought Monitor quite often for two reasons. You do not like to see the areas of drought expanding and moving toward Minnesota. On the other hand, if the heart of the corn belt is in a drought, it might affect their yields and crop prices might rally. Yes, one farmer's misfortune is another farmer's opportunity! It is a bit sad that farmers in one area have to suffer while farmers in another area benefit. But, agriculture has always been that way and I do not see it changing.

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