A special thank you go the Duke, Mary Lou and Andy Ernste family for hosting the Rice County Day On A Dairy Farm. The event was sponsored by the Rice County American Dairy Association. There were farm tours, games and events for the kids plus great cheese burgers. It was quite warm and very windy as you can see from one of the pictures. The big tent had anchor steaks but Duke was concerned that they would not be enough to hold the tent with the strong wind.

Leave it to a farmer to come up with a practical and simple solution. Tie the tent to a couple tractors! There were a lot of people that stopped by the Ernste Dairy farm or who parked at the Rice County Fairgrounds and road the bus to the farm. Duke, Mary Lou and Andy are great representatives of the dairy industry and all of agriculture. They had a very neat and well kept farm and you could tell they really took care of their livestock. Thank you to the Ernste Family!

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