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According to the Kenosha News,  on Sunday, a 38-year-old Palatine, Illinois, man was driving thru Kenosha County, Wisconsin, and and nabbed for driving while asleep. You read that right. He was cruising down I-94 in a Tesla, with the auto pilot turned on, and sawing logs. How fast was he going? 82 mph!

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Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

That's a LOT of trust to put in your car and other people. Yikes.

Law enforcement got a call from a driver reporting the sleeping man and a deputy sidled up to the Tesla, "He had his head down and was clearly sleeping." For two miles, the Sheriff's Deputy was behind the Tesla, lights and sirens on...nothing. Changed the sound of the sirens, everything. Finally, the deputy pulled up alongside the car and kept trying to get his attention.

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Tesla guy finally pulled over and denied he'd been sleeping, which seems like a pretty lame angle to take. He was ticketed for inattentive driving.

It turns out, the same car had been called in twice  for "sleeping driver",  Once the deputy decided the driver was awake, the other time the car reached the state border, so the deputy had no jurisdiction (Kenosha News).

Can't talk about Wisconsin without including a picture of the Packers! (Jonathan Daniel)
Can't talk about Wisconsin without
including a picture of the Packers! (Jonathan Daniel)

Do you think it's safe to engage auto pilot? Should that feature even exist?

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