If you're a regular visitor to Facebook you've probably noticed all the posts listing the "Best City for..." usually followed by beaches, water parks, buying houses, jobs etc. Unfortunately for Faribault, I recently came across another one of these so-called well-researched lists that doesn't shine a positive light on the community.

This one is titled "These Are The 10 Worst Cities In Minnesota For 2017" and it goes on to list the 10 cities that, in their words, "are the real pits." The article goes on to state that they used scientific research and information from 142 of the most populated cities, those with more than 5,000 citizens, to determine the 10 worst cities in which you could live in Minnesota. Some of the factors they took into account before ranking the 10 worst were education, jobs, crime, poverty, homes and incomes.

I've lived here my whole life and I find Faribault to be just like any small town - sure we have our problems here and there, but I still think this is a good place to raise a family and spend your life. Your town is what you make of it. But I don't think Faribault deserves to be considered the sixth-worst city in Minnesota, or on that list at all! Remember, the article is infotainment and really shouldn't be taken that seriously.

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