John Dvorak Rice County Fair manager is asking for help Saturday tearing down the swine barn on the Rice County Fairgrounds. The Rice County Fair has received some grant funds to replace the swine barn. The "catch" is that if the funds are not used this year they will be lost. John said they have also received some private donations but the budget is a little tight. So, the Rice County Fair Board thought demolishing the old swine barn is one way to save some money.

They are gathering on the Rice County Fairgrounds Saturday morning at 9:00. If you have tools that would help with pulling nails that would be helpful. If you can't come at 9:00 just show up later and help for as long as you can! It would be a good idea to bring some work gloves along too! That sure helps prevent cuts and getting wood slivers in your hands.

Here is a way to help the 4-H program in Rice County and the Rice County Fair! John said he realizes a lot of farmers will be in the field Saturday planting corn and beans with the nice weather. But, there are a lot of other people that can maybe help Saturday!

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