You know what they say, Karma is a...well, you know. A Youtuber by the name of Mark Rober decide to deal out some instant karma by making a "package" for porch pirates that explodes glitter all over the place. And to add insult to injury, it spray's a odor that smells like a fart. 

He also installed cell phones to grab footage. The 11 minute video gets into the tech side of building it at first but if you want to get to the fun stuff, fast forward to 5:54.

He put the packages on his own porch as well as a friend's. The box has a pound of glitter and the fart spray will go off five times, every 30 seconds.

(The footage of the thieves are at 5:54, 6:49, 7:29, 7:55 and 8:52.) 

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