If you are thinking the "S" word is a thing of the past now that the calendar has turned to April in the #BoldNorth, think again. The National Weather Service popped many a balloon yesterday when it posted that yes indeed Minnesota generally sees snow in April, and it's rather rare we don't see any of the white stuff falling in the 4th month of the year.

The National Weather Service took to social media yesterday to remind everyone that 's', as in snow, happens in April.

It appears many Minnesotans and Wisconsinites have forgotten that it's actually far more rare to NOT get any snow in April... Here's a look at some April snowfall stats from our three climate sites. Note that this includes months where a 'trace' was reported. - Twin Cities National Weather Service

Image Credit: National Weather Service Twin Cities via Facebook
Image Credit: National Weather Service Twin Cities via Facebook

In fact, since we just mentioned it's normal to see snow in April, the National Weather Service today is calling for some trace amounts of snow to fall, but not really stick around, as rain will also be in the forecast today.

For those looking for some good news, if you aren't a fan of snow that is, according to weatherspark.com that by the 15th of April the chance to see snow is less than 5%, while the chance for rain is greater than 25%, so it's only a few more days this month before the likelihood of snow is pretty low, and we can start thinking 'real' spring in Minnesota.

Until then, let's just embrace the weather, in whatever form that it may be.

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