Update: 4/1/22

Joshua Sislo was identified as the Superior Wisconsin officer whose squad car accidentally drove over a person lying on the street near the intersection of North Eighth Street and Tower Avenue on February 19, 2022. Superior Police Chief Nicholas Alexander named the officer in a press release and also released the following link to squad car footage of the incident (which you can watch below).

Sislo who joined the department on May 5 2021 was initially placed on administrative leave while the incident was being investigated. The officer returned to his normal duties on March 12 and is currently working his regular schedule.

According to the release from the police department and reported by the Duluth News Tribune ( According to the DNT Paywall) Officer Sislo turned "North on Eighth Street during the search. His squad experienced a bump and the officer looked back into his side-view mirror, but did not see anything and assumed he had driven over a piece of snow or ice in the roadway." In the initial call, he was looking for a car prowler in the area.

The victim was initially listed in critical condition after the accident but now is said to be home recovering from their injuries. Their name has not been released to the public. Alexander went on to say that the police department will review the findings with the District Attorney's Office, but he did not expect any disciplinary action to result from the incident.

Alexander said in the statement:

Upon review of records available to me, I believe the final finding will be that this is a tragic and unfortunate accident and we continue to express our sincere well wishes to the victim of this incident.

Here's the video released by the police department:


Original Post: 2/21/22

This past Saturday night a call came in to dispatch reporting on a person lying in the street near Tower Avenue and North 8th Street in Superior around 9:37 pm. The Wisconsin Department of Justice said that the officer who ran over the subject was responding to the call about the person.

It is not known if the person was injured before they were run over, but they are currently hospitalized in critical condition. According to WDIO:

The DOJ said the officer who was involved is on "administrative assignment" and the incident is under investigation by the DOJ's Division of Criminal Investigation, assisted by the Wisconsin State Patrol. The DOJ said all involved law enforcement are fully cooperating with the investigation.

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The name age and address of the person who was run over have not been released at this time. Once the investigation is complete the Division of Criminal Investigation will send a report to the Douglas County District Attorney who will be the one to decide if charges will be filed in this case.

Such a tragic situation all around, hopefully, the person will recover from their injuries. I know for myself that I have witnessed people dart across Tower Avenue when it is dark and unless they are on the crosswalks it is very dangerous and hard to see them especially if they are wearing dark clothing,

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