The calander says winter does not begin for about another three weeks. It sure seems like winter began more than a month or more ago! It was early October and I looked at my beans in the field in five inches of snow. It was November 9th when I got back from the Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City that I was going to go out to the farm and disk-rip corn stalks. I called my cousin Chad and he said he was ripping but going to have to quit because the frost was getting too deep!

So, are you thinking as I am that when will it be much warmer than normal? It it can be 15 to 20 degrees colder than normal for such a long time, can't it be at least 10 degrees warmer than normal for a while? It seems like we can get a couple days close to normal and then it gets cold again. Looking at the 30 day National Weather Service Forecast it is calling for well below normal temperatures.