It's not a done deal, but the first steps have been made.  At their meeting on March 8 in Superior, the Mayor's Commission on Communities of Color started the discussions needed to advance the move to rename Moccasin Mike Road to something that holds up better in 2021 and also serves to pay homage to the early Indigenous settlers in the area.

As reported last week, the road is the entry point to Wisconsin Point from Highways 2 and 53.  A sacred burial site is located along the roadway; that burial site has been named as a Wisconsin Historical Site.

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Superior City Councilor Jenny Van Sickle has led the efforts for a rename so far.  According to an article in the Superior Telegram, the councilor acknowledged that the efforts to reach out to the Indigenous community are needed; it also represents an opportunity to "restore pride and recognition to Superior's first families":

"I've been really lucky to be working with descendants that are close to Wisconsin Point and absolutely need to lead the conversation.  I think the best-case scenario is that this road is named and pronounced in the Ojibwe language (so) that we can more respectfully and more broadly talk about the history and the story of Wisconsin Point and the first nations that occupied it."

At their meeting on March 8, the Mayor's Commission on Communities of Color didn't come up with any replacement names for the roadway. They did however decide to move the idea and efforts of a replacement name foreward.

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