A screenshot posted to the Minnesota thread of reddit Tuesday morning shows unusual, rare green lines around and through Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The screenshot, taken by one MrFurrypants at 7:45 Tuesday morning, displays Twin Cities rush hour traffic via Google Maps. With the exception of what appears to be two traffic incidents in Minneapolis and Eden Prairie, the map is otherwise filled with odd green lines, noticeably absent of the regular yellow and red.

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The cause for the green, some seem to believe, is the novel COVID-19 virus or something like it.

"Only a global pandemic could make exit 8A palatable," suggested one redditor.

"Man this apocalypse is weird," commented another.

"This morning Google was all over 'hey your commute is faster than usual!!!'" joked a third. "Like, bro, that's because we're not going..."

Others have taken the unusual green lines as a beacon of hope.

"Hopefully it's a huge success and changes how we work for good."

"Thank you everyone that is staying home. This is what flattening the curve looks like. We can do this!"

"It's actually quite uplifting to see this. As someone in the construction field my...bosses don't seem to be giving a s***. I'm lucky in the sense I can work fairly independently all day with minimal contact with anyone."

While the green lines in and around the Twin Cities are certainly rare and unusual, they are not causing serious concern, and -- should they appear in the Faribault area or the surrounding areas -- should be no reason for alarm.

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