The impact the continued winter weather is having on local sports teams and facilities is reaching the absurd stage. The wind from the weekend blizzard knocked down the first base dugout at Jeff and Carol Reese Field in New Richland, the baseball home for NRHEG. Panthers' Activities Director Dan Stork indicated that their shop class was drawing up plans to replace it. The photo also shows a lot of snow to melt before the Panthers can take the field for the delayed start of the season.

Also this weekend, the NRHEG softball team's efforts to get in a game were thwarted by the weather. The Panthers scheduled a doubleheader against WEM and USC at the Austin dome Saturday night. When those teams said they couldn't make it, NRHEG and Blooming Prairie arranged for a game at the dome. That was also axed due to the travel conditions. NRHEG baseball, softball and golf are yet to play this spring.

While the Austin dome came through the storm just fine, the same can't be said for a couple of others. reports the dome at Shattuck-St. Mary's School in Faribault collapsed due to the weight of snow and the windy conditions. No one was inside it at the time.

The Pioneer Press indicates the dome in the Twin Cities suburb of Vadnais Heights succumbed to the weight of snow.

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