Tuesday afternoon area farmer and Pioneer dealer Brent Fuchs and I visited the third grade class at the STEM school in Faribault. The third graders were very well behaved and seemed to be interested in learning about how their food is produced. We keep it pretty simple with food items from the grocery store that they recognize and relate them back to corn and soybeans as all of the items have some form of corn or soybeans in them.

At some point during the presentation Brent will ask the students what they had or will have for lunch. He will relate that back to corn and soybeans. We are trying to get the thought across that if you like to eat you need a farmer. Then I will say maybe it would be a good if we did not have any farmers. Then they would not have to waste their time eating lunch. They could just study and do more homework! The third grade class at the Stem School did not think that was a good idea!

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