This morning I received a news release from the Steele County Free Fair that was nice to see. With the pandemic it was great to see something was normal, like the annual meeting of the Steele County Agricultural Society that was held yesterday, Thursday November 5, 2020. Wayne Steele from the Steele County Fair Board reported that all five incumbent board members were reelected to the board for a three year term. They include Mark Ditlevson, Tim Arlt, Rice Ellingson, Jim Abbe and Brent Svenby.

As with the tradition the Steele County Agricultural Society fair board directors had their organizational meeting after the annual meeting. There was not any change to the Steele County Free Fair leadership either as all the officers were reelected. Dan Deml as President, Wayne Steele as Vice President and Tim Arlt will serve as Treasurer again this year.

The 2021 Steele County Fair will be held August 17-22, 2021. In case you are wondering about the 2021 Steele County Free Fair theme, it is "Bringing back the Fun in 2021. I am going to think positive that we are past the COVID-19 pandemic and everything will be back to normal next summer, including the Steele County Free Fair!

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