Friday I received a news release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation that the spring weight restrictions will be removed on Monday April 30, 2018 in the southeast and metro frost zones. The weight restrictions or "road postings" will be removed in the south frost zone on Tuesday May 1, 2018. Middle range overweight permits become available within each frost zone when spring load restrictions are lifted. Full summer overweight permits become available within each frost zone starting two to three weeks after spring restrictions are lifted.

With the nicer weather you are beginning to see spring field work begin. Having the road postings come off just as we get into the field will allow tender trucks to haul normal loads. With road postings on the trucks would have had to make more trips back to the fertilizer plant. This will allow fertilizer applicators to spread or cover more acres in a day. Lets hope that the weather continues to cooperate as we plant the 2018 crop!

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