I know the calendar says the first day of spring is March 20, however I don't pay too much attention to that. I look for signs from the weather! For me the first sign of spring is when road postings go on, and that occurred on February 22. The second sign of spring is when you drive by a farm and see tractors, field cultivators, planters and sprayers sitting on a dooryard. That means the weather has warmed up and farmers are getting the equipment out of the shed to began getting it ready for fieldwork.

I have not seen any equipment sitting out of the shed yet, but with temperatures in the 60s it probably won't be long. It does take some time to get the pieces of equipment out of the shed. My planter and field cultivator are behind all this equipment. When I was done planting last spring I put it in the shed first. I would need the combine, gravity wagons, chisel plow and disk ripper in the fall. Every spring I remind myself to hook on the planter and field cultivator in the fall and then put it in the shed last. It seems in the fall it is cold, I am tired and I just want to get the equipment in the shed. Well at least it is warmer in the spring to move all that equipment!