What a difference one year makes? Last spring was the most stress free planting season I could ever remember. It was warm and dry where you could be in the field day after day. With the early start and no rain delays last spring, I had my corn and beans planted by May 2nd. Here we are this year looking at the first of May, and all the equipment is still in the machine shed. However, even though we will not get the crop planted as early as we would like, it is a long growing season with plenty of time for good weather to grow a good crop!

The key is to wait until soil conditions are "fit" and have everything ready to go when it's go time. I have known Jay Zielske agronomist with Pioneer for many years. Earlier this week I talked with Jay about doing the ribbon test to determine when the soil is dry enough to work, yield implications and planting dates, planting depth in cold wet soils, planting beans in less than ideal conditions while waiting for better conditions to plant corn and a number of other topics. Click on the link and listen to Pioneer agronomist Jay Zielske.


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