Google seems to keep track of everything we do on the web. They've just released a list of words most often misspelled in all 50 states. They gathered up the data on the word search for in terms of correct spelling in each of our states. In Minnesota we seem to have problems knowing how to spell "beautiful." We're not the only ones; it's the most searched word in California, Ohio, Kentucky and New York.

Let's take a look at our neighboring states. The word looked up the most for spelling in North Dakota is "dilemma." Iowa's word is understandable because it's the word "vacuum." South Dakota is a different story, folks out there have trouble spelling the word "college." Alas, my native Wisconsin. Oh my, the word most looked up for spelling by residents of Wisconsin is "Wisconsin"? They have trouble spelling the name of the state they live in? What would they do if they lived in Massachusetts or Connecticut?

They say that once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget. OK, but I can attest that a person can forget how to spell words that they used to be able to. I'm going to type in some words that I know I have trouble spelling. I'll then look up and add the correct spelling. Here we go:

Hors de ourves:  hors d'oeuvres. I'm not worried about not being able to spell this word as I hardly ever use it.

Rendezvous: I got this one right.

Auxilary: auxiliary. I usually add an extra L but I didn't this time. However I forgot the second 'i.'

Advertize: This actually brings up some debate because there are parties that claim advertize is one correct way and advertise is another.

Recognicance: recognizance. So when I typed in the word to find the right spelling I typed it in right though I spelled it wrong here.

Believe: I spelled two of my six words right.

How did ewe due? R there wordes ewe spel rong moste of the tyme?


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