The annual soybean planting broadcast will be this afternoon from 1-3PM at Keith and Carol Schrader's farm by Nerstrand.  We always try to pick a time when the crop would be pretty well planted so it is more relaxed for the farmer and all the people they do business with. Even though Memorial Day weekend is coming up, there are still a lot of beans that are not planted. The weather has not cooperated this year, but it goes with the territory of being a farmer.

CashWise Foods in Owatonna will be bringing lunch to the broadcast this this afternoon. Many of the people and business Keith and other farmers in the area depend on each year to plant a crop will be stopping by for lunch. Even though actual farmers represent only about 1 percent of the population, we represent about 20 percent of the overall economy. There a lot of jobs and careers related to agriculture. They might not be in a tractor and combine cab, but we cannot do what we do without them and the products they provide!

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