It's February 18, and the temperatures are close to record breaking. I don't have the data on any broken records for warmth, but, it is warm out there. We are enjoying highs in the 50s, which seems like spring.

I saw several motorcycles out yesterday, which is a nice sight after the bitter cold we just had a week or so ago. Kids are playing in yards, and I think I even smelled some barbecues going last night.

Don't let this warm weather fool you, the calendar still says it's winter, and we are sure to get hit with more cold and snow. I was looking at my Facebook memories today, and I posted something just six years ago about how warm it was. So, while we may not remember right away, this does happen. It gets nice and warm, melts some snow, then we get snow again.

If you can believe the different reports I have seen, we could be in for a phenomenal storm coming up next Friday and Saturday. I am not sure I believe the phenomenal part, but, as with most things, perception is the key here. If we get even a small amount of snow after the nice weather this weekend, it may look massive.

So, my advice is get out and enjoy the warm weather this weekend. Let us know what you are doing. Take pictures and enjoy the fresh air.


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