When tragedy strikes, whether it's fire, earthquake, tornado, etc, we generally see those communities that are affected by that tragedy come together and help those in need. One Southern Minnesota man, with ties to the community of Bowling Green Kentucky, is collecting goods like clothing, food, and other items to hand out to those affected by the tornados that ripped through that area on Friday night into Saturday.

The post by New Prague resident Charlie Workman is just one example of communities both near and far-reaching out to the hundreds of families who were put out of their homes with just two weeks remaining until Christmas.

Charlie is in the process of gathering items to give out to those affected by the storms. Here are some of the items he is collecting to bring to Kentucky on Wednesday.







Another organization within the area, the New Prague Hockey Association is also collecting goods to be brought to the state of Kentucky for dispersement to those affected by the storms. This collection is TONIGHT from 6-8:30pm at the New Prague Hockey arena. The goal is to fill a trailer donated by Featherlite with needed supplies.

Twin Cities Featherlite has been kind enough to donate a trailer with the hopes of filling it up with donations. This NPHA dad will drive down to Bowling Green on Tuesday and deliver all donations to the Bowling Green Police department.
Donations being requested are clothes, shoes, blankets, coats, toys, underwear, socks and honestly pretty much anything will help.
Please consider donating… He will be at the arena in New Prague on Monday night from 6-8:30pm if anyone would like to bring donations.
Thank you for your time and I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays!
It's great to see so many people from so many different places both close and far away get together and help those in need.
Another way to help those in need specifically in the Kentucky area, you can donate to the United Way of Kentucky, as they are raising money for "long-term recovery efforts, according to TV station WRAL.

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