Earlier this week the Cannon River Drug and Violent Offender Task Force and Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force issued news releases concerning a buy bust operation in Mankato.   This was part of an ongoing investigation started by agents from Cannon River.  Leaders notified us later that the street value of the drugs seized was approximately $350,000.

Other media outlets said the street value was over 3 million dollars. The Cannon River Drug and Violent Offender Task Force Commander said both numbers were accurate.  The $350,000 was the price of the drugs per pound and the over $3 million dollar figure the price per gram.  He then proceeded to give us a math lesson on how the figures worked.

He said the value in this case was calculated at the per pound street value price which is around $5,000 in this area.  The liquid meth was found inside 5 gallon containers during the search warrant execution.  Two 5 gallon containers were full of liquid, one additional 5 gallon container was 1/3 full.  Approximately 11.65 gallons of liquid.  The conversion rate from liquid to crystal form is 1 gallon of liquid meth yielding approximately 5 to 7 pounds of crystal meth.

The formula goes like this.  11.65 gallons x 6 pounds per gallon= 69.9 pounds.  69.9 pounds x $5,000 per pound= $349,500.  The Commander explained the exact number for the price per pound would vary depending on a number of variables.  $5,000 was used because that's the average in this area but the average in Minnesota is $6,775 which ups the value of 69.9 pounds to $473,572.50.

The average price per gram of meth in Minnesota is $96.  Each pound has 453.592 grams.

The Commander says the state requires agencies to report their seizures in price per gram.  69.9 pounds x 453.592 grams = 31,706.08 grams.

31,706.08 grams x $96 per gram = $3,043,783.68.

The CRDVO Task Force Commander apologized for any confusion the numbers may have caused saying in his opinion the most significant part of the story, "was the collaboration used by the numerous law enforcement agencies to make this significant seizure and hold those accountable for possessing and dealing large quantities."

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