This is an indication of how my weekend went. I ran a couple bushel of corn over the back side of the gravity box. I guess I should have paid more attention to what I was doing unloading the combine instead of tuning the radio. It could have been worse. Plus, the wildlife like deer and pheasants need to eat too don't they?

On Saturday afternoon the combine ate a little rock and I had to have a John Deere mechanic help me get it out and replace a pair of belts. Saturday evening there was a strange noise coming from the truck engine. The bearings went out in the water pump. I parked it in the shed and will deal with it after harvest. This morning I hit the switch on the dryer fan. It turned a little bit and then stopped. The mechanic from Freeborn Pride builders was out and replaced the capacitors and burned wires in the motor connections.

Amazingly I did get a lot of corn harvested this weekend after getting back from the National FFA Convention. Even with all the problems. The key was I have a team, as all farmers do of service people that can help fix, repair and get you going again!

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