In Minnetrista, near the Twin Cities Ryan Kasper-Cook spends 3 months to put up an amazing display of holiday lights. Using the latest and greatest technology and much planning, it's a show that hundreds of people come and see every night the lights are on.

But because of the indiscretions of some, it is going to end. According to KARE 11 his display and others have a new problem. Party buses taking people around to see holiday lights. Unfortunately according to the report many people are intoxicated and our disruptive to the family atmosphere of the lighted displays.

Last weekend Kasper-Cook had enough. The display is being shut down. He is willing to put it up in another location next year.

I love going a round and looking at holiday displays. I would feel very uncomfortable with a young grand child having this type of scenario happen at a display I was looking at. I am all in favor of taking people around on buses to see displays. I don't think people need to be drinking to do it. You don't need alcohol to get excited over holiday lights.

I hope yours is a very happy and Merry Christmas.

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