When I read the forecast Friday it was talking about light rain and snow showers this week. I was not pleased to see the forecast calling for 3 to 5 inches of snow Tuesday! Sure, so far is has been an ideal fall harvest and I guess I should not complain. We all knew the weather can change any day and we sure "hit it hard" when the weather was cooperating. We all remember the last couple falls with all the rain, cold, snow, mud and trying to till frozen soil.

In addition if you have been around for a while you remember the Halloween Blizzard of 1991! With the snow, rain and cold temperatures this week it will slow down the corn harvest. However, we can still be thankful the beans are pretty much done and a lot of corn too. Corn can take the snow and rain much better that beans. In the picture is my hailed on beans after a snow the middle of October two years ago. The snow melted with nice weather and we all got the beans harvested! Things have a way of working out!

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