This isn't good.

A passenger jet for AirAsia was forced to divert and make an emergency landing after a snake was seen slithering through the overhead lights on the plane.

Yes, this brought many of us back to the movie "Snakes on A Plane" and this is certainly one flight that I would not have wanted to be on.

The flight was scheduled from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau when the snake was spotted, but the airline says that this doesn't happen very often. That's reassuring.

Once the plane successfully landed, the plane was reportedly fumigated and passengers boarded a separate plane to continue their journey.

The good news, no one in the place was injured here, but several were frightened as the snake maneuvered through the plane.

Here are a few photos taken by passengers who were on the plane with the snake. Could you have sat still to capture such videos?

While some may have been freaked out by a snake on the plane, some say that this would not have bothered them---then again they weren't on the plane!


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