I will warn you now, some may find the footage in this post to be disturbing.

Thousands of Afghans are attempting to flee their country, Afghanistan, after it has been reportedly overtaken by the Taliban.

Some were seen flocking onto evacuation planes at the airport in Kabul, while others at the airport were seen jumping onto a US Air Force plane that was departing.

Two people reportedly tied themselves to the plane and moments after takeoff you can see what appears to be two people falling from the plane.

This all comes after the United States stepped back in the country, thus allowing the Taliban to reclaim an important territory in the Middle East.

Now, many here in the U.S. are waiting to hear from President Joe Biden today as he will address this horrific situation in Afghanistan from the White House.

Recent satellite photos show just how chaotic it really was at the airport and thousands flocked there in an effort to escape what is to come.

We will continue to follow this developing story.

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