Having been at KDHL for more than 20 years while also farming, there are signs I look for that remind me spring has arrived.

  • 1

    Road Postings

    You know for certain spring is on the way when spring weight restrictions or road postings go on.

  • 2

    Seed in shed

    Seed showing up in the shed is a sure sign we will be in the field soon.

  • 3

    Well, maybe not in the field quite yet

    There is almost always a frustration with weather delays. Some years like 2013, or this year, they are worse!

    After the storm Monday morning, June 22, the Straight River was full and the field next to it had a portion under water. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media.
  • 4

    Make sure your planter is ready

    So, while you wait for good weather you double check your planter to make sure the planter and tractor are ready. Including a new clutch!

  • 5

    Checking Sprayer

    As the days pass waiting for better weather, you even check out the sprayer so it is ready to apply your herbicide after corn planting.

  • 6

    State FFA Convention

    The State FFA Convention is always held late in April at the University of Minnesota-St. Paul campus. Being at the St. Paul campus with thousands of FFA members is a sure sign of spring.

  • 7


    You know it is time to plant corn when these beautiful yellow flowers show up in your lawn!

  • 8

    Bags of seed in my car

    This is a sure sign of spring -- 20 bags of soybean seed in my car.

  • 9

    Planting under the lights

    Another sign of spring, tractor lights in the fields!

  • 10

    Getting enough rest

    During the spring it is important to get as much rest as possible. Even a catnap at the studio!