Recently an Iowa school district decided it would no longer celebrate Valentine's Day. Students in the Waukee Community School District, serving West Des Moines, Clive, Urbandale, and Waukee, will instead hold Give Love parties. According to KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids Iowa, students will work on cards for police, fire, military and retirement communities. So should Minnesota follow suit?

Sure, kids should be encouraged to show kindness and affection for their friends, but this is a lesson that is best learned throughout the year and not on a single day. Some schools have banned the practice of handing out the small Valentine's Day cards based on it being wasteful.

“If every child at school buys a typical box of 30 valentines, it adds up to 3,000 cards!” the memo read. “Imagine the trees we are saving by not exchanging cards in our school.” Imagine the irony since families were notified of the valentine embargo by a letter printed on paper from an unlucky tree." article from Today's Parent

One school district in Oregon dropped Valentine's Day in 2018 and instead had "activities like "friendship trees" and "kindness cards," prizes for good behavior." according to KMTR-TV in Eugene Oregon.

Personally I'm not in favor of banning or changing up Valentine's Day, I think the kids or the classroom can make the decision how and if they choose to celebrate whether that's in the form of cards, candy, or friendship trees.

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