There seem to be two words I hear in the news a lot these days, inflation and shortages. Both of those are having a huge impact on farmers as we plan for the 2022 growing season. At least on the positive side, I have not heard of any shortages of fertilizer for fall application. Unless you booked it a couple month ago, the bad news, it is much more expensive, but it lease it is available! Some herbicides might not be available next spring and summer at any price!

The two herbicides I am hearing most about shortages are glyphosate and glufosinate. The trade names you may recognize are Round-Up and Liberty. I am sure next spring homeowners may be surprised if they cannot purchase the weed killer they typically pick up at the hardware store with glyphosate in it. We know they are going to be much more expensive if they are available at all.

There are a very large percentage of farmers, myself included that rely on the Round-Up-Ready trait in corn. Glyphosate or Round-Up has been reasonably priced and very effective at cleaning up any escape grasses in corn. There are no other good herbicide choices to fill this role. We may have to go back to the old pre-Round-Up Ready technology with a group 15 pre-emergence, maybe two applications and hope for the best!

In the beans we have other good choices for grass control. Even without Round-Up and Liberty there are other good options for grass and broadleaf weed control. I know most suppliers and agronomist are still focused on getting the fertilizer on yet this fall. But, as soon as you are able, talk with your agronomist and supplier about your herbicide program for next spring!



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