So Kelly K (Krage on KDHL or K-Rage, her Power 96 Alter Ego) has been with you afternoons since 2008. I moved up to the mornings in the fall of that year and Kelly had been doing part-time work prior to that. Well it appears now she has come full circle.

She will still be lending her voice to those classic rockers on Power 96 in the afternoon and maybe holding down some of those polka hours in the afternoons on KDHL, and doing those ads for clients that us guys just can't do. And maybe doing board work for a game or two or working the storm center at night. But she will be starting out a new oppurtunity full time.

So since she is going to be part-time, I can still be her boss, you listeners will still get to hear her, just not as much, and she may still be able to help us out with some special broadcasts and help Jerry with the FFA convention.

So Kelly, it's not goodbye but a good luck in your new adventure and we thank you for all of your hard work to this point and all of us wish you all the best.


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