Thursday was the first day of the North American Farm and Power Show at the Four Seasons Complex on the Steele County Fairgrounds in Owatonna. It was great to see a big crowd. Having been at the Power Show in Owatonna for a number of years, you kind of get in a routine. I always set up my laptop computer behind the curtains along the very east wall. There is a walkway with pop and candy machines there. My laptop fits nicely on top of the candy machines. Well, the middle of the morning I came back to my "office" and found a bag of popcorn sitting on my laptop.

I immediately knew who was responsible -- Brian at Wholesale Tire. Tuesday I asked Brian on the Birthday Club if he was going to buy me lunch at the Power Show. I also asked if he was bringing the popcorn machine that is at Wholesale Tire in Faribault to the show. Brian informed me the popcorn machine would not be at the show. I guess he thought a bag of popcorn would cover my lunch! When I picked up the bag of popcorn, it felt a little different. There was normal popcorn on top, the rest of the bag was full of old maids! Later in the day a bag of brown sugar was sitting by my computer. I can only imagine where he will go with brown sugar or B.S.!

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