The current Farm Bill allows farmers to update their current program yields. Typically the Farm Bill program yields are lower than farmer's proven trend adjusted yields for corn and soybeans. It dies not happen very often that farmers can update their program yields so you do not want to miss this opportunity! Generally speaking if you can increase your Farm Bill program yields you should do so.

Under the current Farm Bill with ARC County or PLC, the program yield will not affect any potential payments you may earn. However, last Friday the USDA announced the CFAP round two and one of the options to calculate the payment uses your program yield. The higher your program yield the higher your payment would be.

So, check with your Farm Service Agency office and see what your program yield is and find out what past years they use to update your yield. If you had good yields above your program yield then you can update it. If your recent yields will not raise your program yield then you do not update.

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