Senator John Jasinski (R-Faribault)  has authored a bill that has a goal of improving traffic flow on roads in Minnesota.  Senator Jasinski told us about the measure when he was a guest recently on our KDHL AM Minnesota show.  The bill simply emphasizes something that is already the law in our state.  The left lane is supposed to be a passing lane.  Drivers moving slower than the flow of traffic in the left-hand lane are supposed to move to the right.

Senator Jasinski's bill is called the "Slowpoke Bill" and would require the left-hand lane to be used only when passing other vehicles.  The Senate Transportation Committee passed the bill on a voice vote, and referred it to the committee on Judiciary.

The legislation makes exceptions according to a Minnesota Senate News Release, "when traffic conditions, inclement weather, hazards, or other circumstances make it impractical.  Existing Minnesota law only calls for drivers traveling below "the normal speed of traffic" to stay in the right lane.

Senator Jasinski says, "We've all been stuck behind slow moving drivers hogging the left lane, even though that lane is only supposed to be used for passing.  Our commutes are already hard enough; it's time to ease some stress by adding Minnesota to the list of state that penalizes left-lane drivers."

Other provisions of the bill state that cars may exceed the speed limit by 5 MPH in order to pass another vehicle.  The fine for violating the law would be increased to $100.  A public awareness campaign will also be implemented to make Minnesotans aware of the change if the bill becomes law.

I call these people that "hang" out in the left lang "hangers".  This is not something that I've seen happen every once and awhile.  It's been my experience on every trip I take to see these hangers.  People that hang in the left lane either glued to their phone oblivious to the world around them or just feeling like they have the right to stay in that lane as long as they wish.

I travel a lot on Minnesota roads going to various game broadcasts and was happy to see Senator Jasinski's "Slowpoke Bill" pass it's first committee.


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