In celebration of the 30th anniversary of his triple-platinum debut album, Killin' Time, country superstar Clint Black has something extra special up his sleeve for his Still ... Killin' Time Tour. In addition to revisiting some of the album's best-loved hits three decades later, Black is also bring a homemade video montage on tour with him, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at some of his favorite personal memories from over the years.

"I really want to give the audience a sense of those 30 years," Black tells The Boot. "With the video wall behind us, we'll be able to share the nostalgia and give the audience a look back, not just at the career highlights but also in my personal life."

Prior to his tour, Black was been organizing his video and photo footage according to type, including both public memorabilia, such as articles and magazine covers, and more personal memories. "I've been going back through all the music videos, too," he adds, "and it's really a stroll down memory lane."

Black, who created and produced the video himself, says the undertaking was a surprisingly challenging one: "It turned out to be a lot of work!" he adds with a laugh. "It's 12 hours a day of sitting there, working on these edits." However, he goes on to say, he hopes that producing the project personally will make the end result even more special for his fans.

"I've done it myself! It's very personalized," he points out. "The symbolism that I've put in there, I know fans of my music will get it. And some of the stuff that we're doing -- I don't know what anybody else does with their video walls, but doing this myself, and knowing the music inside out the way I do, I'm hoping it'll really have a strong impact on my audience and their connection to the songs, what it means to them."

In addition to creating a showcase for audiences, the singer says that he's looking forward to spending some time looking back to his career's beginnings with his bandmates, some of whom have been there every step of the way.

"Of course, it's hard to believe it's been 30 years," Black admits. "Three of the guys who are still in my band were part of the band I put together to showcase for RCA all those years ago."

For Still ... Killin' Time Tour dates and tickets, visit Black's official website.

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