It is going to be a busy 4th of July. After being on the air in the morning I will be hauling my John Deere 820 to North Morristown for their parade Thursday morning. I always enjoy the North Morristown 4th of July celebration, especially the Patriotic Program after the parade. It is almost like taking a step back in time. It feels like this was how they celebrated the 4th of July decades ago!

After the parade in North Morristown, the Patriotic Program, getting the tractor loaded onto the trailer there is time for a hamburger for lunch before heading down the road to Elysian. All right, I admit there may be home made cherry pie and ice cream for desert too! Then it is head west on Highway 60 to Elysian. They have a really nice parade too. It is a fairly long parade route down main street. They always have a huge crowd at the parade in Elysian! Make sure you wave when I drive by!

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