It is going to be a busy 4th of July on Wednesday. I will be hauling my John Deere 820 to North Morristown for their 4th of July Parade at 10:00 tomorrow morning. It is fun after the parade to watch the patriotic program and have a burger for lunch. Well, maybe a piece of homemade pit too! Then I will load up the 820 on the trailer, chain it down and head west to Elysian.

The big Elysian 4th of July parade is Wednesday afternoon at 2:00. The current forecast is for high a of 90  with heat a index around 100 degrees! We are from Minnesota so we take that in stride. I think I will take a cooler along in the truck stocked with cold water! In addition I will look for shade trees in Elysian to park the truck to unload the tractor. Too bad they did not have air conditioned cabs in 1958 when John Deere manufactured my 820.

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