I am looking forward to seeing a lot of people at the Dam Days parade in Morristown Friday evening. The twilight parade begins at 7:00 pm with the line-up starting at 5:00 pm. Even when the weather does not cooperate there is always a big crowd in Morristown for the parade. After going to a community parade for a number of years you learn how to make things easier. I need a lot of room to load and unload my John Deere 820 tractor.

I have a trailer  that I pull with my grain truck. The 820 weighs about 9000 pounds. There are a lot of cars in Morristown for the Dam Days Parade so you have to be careful with a big truck and trailer. I take the back roads to Morristown and then pull into Dahle Enterprises just south of Morristown. With all their construction and tiling equipment they have plenty of room to turn around and unload the tractor. Thank You to the Dahle's for letting me use their yard! It's not what you know that is important, its who you know!

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