The group pictured above calls themselves, "The Kindness Girls." Why? It's a fantastic story that began back in 2017.

Pictured above from left to right, Johntia Piepho,, Lexus  Dunderi, Hilary  Blakeley and Lindsay Arneson, love to travel. Apparently, it doesn't matter where they travel to, whether it's a long trip to a far off land, or somewhere here in Minnesota.

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But they started thinking that their seemingly trivial trips could mean so much more. They wanted to have their trips make a difference in some way, with random acts of kindness as part of their journey wherever they decided to go.

They decided to use whatever money they could pool together to do something nice along the way. That might be buying flowers or groceries for someone everywhere they stopped. Then they thought that if they shared their idea with others, they might want to donate as well. Pretty soon, this small dream turned into a big dream. They were on the road with thousands of dollars and decided to start doing bigger things, like supporting women's shelters, gathering school supplies for a whole district, Helping the VA with their home needs list, and more.


Photo by Lindsay Arneson
Photo by Lindsay Arneson


Since the beginning of their journeys, now entitled "Epic Random Acts Road Trip," they have taken three road trips. Last year should have been number four, but of course, it had to be put on hold.

That said, this year, it's more important than ever for these girls to go out into the world and spread some kindness around. Apparently, their fans think so too. Their goal was to reach $10,000 this year and they did it! Now, the pool continues to grow, they are planning their next Epic trip.

Make no mistake, the girls use their own money to fund their trip, and use all of the raised funds to carry out their random acts of kindness.

Way to go Kindness Girls. #kindnesswins

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