This footage is the first of its kind, and it's giving us a fascinating look into wolf behavior.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project shared what they say is the first collar cam put on a wild wolf. The wolf identified as V089, is a lone wolf, and the camera attached to his collar turned on and recorded video for 30 seconds at the top of each hour during daylight hours, in total the researchers were able to get about 7 minutes of footage each day.

In the video you can see this particular wolf is great at fishing, the camera was able to capture footage of the wolf snacking on 3 fish, all caught from the Ash River that runs from Sullivan Bay in the Voyageurs National Park area.

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The Voyageurs Wolf Project says that they've previously only documented wolves, from what they call the Bowman Bay Pack, hunting, killing, and eating fish, but with this video they now can say that other wolves also know how to hunt and kill fish in different areas.

The researchers say that this video, "provides insight into the genesis and persistence of unique predation behaviors in wolf populations." They also teased some forthcoming information learned in 2020 about a wolf in the Paradise Pack that was also went fishing.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project says that the hope to deploy more of the Vectronic-Aerospace camera collars which not only collects the video but can collect GPS data and other information with its variety of built-in sensors, and yeah, they admit that they need to trim the wolves beard when deploying the next camera.

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