It's not often you get to see a wolves close up. Thanks to a Midwest trail cam, you can see a large wolf pack with video that shows them crossing a frozen lake.

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One of the largest wolf packs in the Midwest is the Cranberry Bay Pack. They are being monitored this winter by the Voyageurs Wolf Project. This is one of their trail cams placed on a beaver lake somewhere in the backcountry of northern Minnesota. Pay special attention to one of the wolves who gets up-close-and-personal with the camera.

According to a Facebook post from 2020, the alpha male in this wolf pack set a record when he killed 36 beavers.

The Cranberry Bay wolf pack is growing. A share on TikTok last year showed new pups that were already maturing.

Wolves are slowly but surely returning to prominence in the Midwest with estimates saying there are over 4,400 now active in our region. One interesting wolf fact shared on Wikipedia is that the more wolves you have in an area, the less deer/vehicle collisions that happen. Perhaps insurance companies should start advocating for wolves to be reintroduced into more parts of the Midwest? Just thinking out loud.

This trail cam shows these fascinating animals in their element and is one of the reasons why it's a good idea to follow Voyageurs Wolf Project on YouTube and Facebook for the latest developments with this wolf pack and the others they track.

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