The Minnesota State Fair starts on Thursday! Are you ready for the Great Minnesota Get-Together, because I know I am! However, while I was scrolling through Instagram today I realized I'm not as ready as I thought I was. I found a video of secret amenities that you need to know about before going to the State Fair.

  • Free Sunscreen: At the information booth you can ask any questions you have, get a schedule, and more importantly, get free sunscreen!
  • Free ID Wristbands: You can get these at information booths and Care and Assistance. It'll help you keep your family together in case your kids run off to see the animals and you don't notice!
  • ATMs on the Fairgrounds: Make sure you grab a map at the fair, AMTs are indicated with a green dollar sign in case you need some more moo-lah.
  • Water Bottle Refill Station: You can bring your own water bottle to the fair and fill it up at various water bottle refill stations. There are also many places to wash your hands if necessary at the entrance of some livestock buildings.
  • First Aid Locations on the Fairgrounds: You can find where the first aid locations are on the fair map. They're indicated with a red plus.
  • Breast Feeding Facilities: You can find these at the Care and Assitance Building and many booths around the fair. They include baby changing stations too and so do many men's and women's restrooms.
  • Phone Charging Stations: You can find these throughout the fair. Chords included!
  • Where to Stop if You Forget the Basics: You can get diapers, batteries, bandaids, and many other basic products at Steichen's Market and Deli.

I knew about a few of these, like the free sunscreen, but others I wasn't aware of! Check out more at


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